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Ethereum Mining Results With Nicehash

Ethereum Mining Results With Nicehash

By on Jan 31, 2017 in Cloud Mining Review | 0 comments

Ethereum Mining Profitability with Nicehash

Likely you need to find out how much can get for Ethereum mining by rent power in Nicehash.

For those who not read my previous review of the mining Zcash in Nicehash please read here. This is my study case of how we can earn in Nicehash from Ethereum mining. Within my experience, the consequence becomes various, yet, based on what alt-coins you mine. You’ve got to have the ending of the contract as well as the price when start mine to a note. And let us find out in beneath


Setup The Pool

As usual, we used Nanopool to analyze the effect with easy setup and fixed price to speed up the mining time. I setup a server situated in Europe and of course also be aware when making new orders for set up according to the place of your pool.

Etheum Setup Pool Mining

On January 30, 2017, I place an order with a fixed way of speed 0.45 GH / s.

Nicehash Mining Order

Mining Result

And after mining nearly 24 hours, in table showing the purchase order information.

Start Oder Mining ETH

And the outcomes of mining you can see in the table below end-use reference to Poloniex

Ethereum Mining Result in Nicehash

Yes, as you can note the outcomes of mining I lost 17.69%. Due to the cost of ETH at the time of the beginning order and end fell by around 3%, yet, although the cost is same keep loss, I comprehend

We can see in the example below if ETH same price at the start order and ends.

Ethereum Mining Result of Nicehash

Still loss even with the same price. I started to calculate

I counting the value of the cost of ETH to reach Break Even Point (BEP), and here is the illustration

Ethereum Mining to get BEP


Before beginning mining, likely think about the cost / GHS not to be overly hard to get the gain and when order. But based on my experience it may be reasoned that there are a few variables which could cause the outcomes of mining isn’t great.

In the event that you have great encounter when share please to me, If possible I wish to get another result from outsource



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