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Hashflare Review & Profitability

Hashflare Review & Profitability

By on Mar 26, 2017 in Cloud Mining Review | 0 comments

Hashflare Review

Hashflare is one of the cloud mining services brought to by HashCoins. Offering many algorithms with different contracts, their operations in July 2013 and located in Estonia, Tallin.

Hashflare has announced information about facilities and mining equipment to prove that they are a company that can be trusted, selectable mining pools for their customers and the business have cooperation with the ASIC maker Hashcoin.

The user interface has insightful with earnings predictions and is easy to browse. Because of a foil system that permitted to see the all transaction history. The security system in the management of user access to enough for supplying two-factor authentication security options, you need to download google authentication application.


Hashflare providing cloud services for multiple contract mining algorithms which you can select predicated on your wishes.

Hashflare Contract Price

Currently, I only make use of the service contract SHA-256 and X-11. You can see the result with graph below

SHA-256 Running 8 Months

Hashflare SHA-256 Daily Payout Graph

Starting on 26 Jul 2016, I bought SHA-256 with speed 1 TH/s. Percentage of received just 26.93% or equivalent with 0.000341 BTC.

And now, with 8 months after bought the result received an increase to 45.85% but sadly the payout compares from starting decline to 0.00056399 BTC or 44.51% with net received 0.00025858 BTC.

Hashflare SHA-256 Result


Hashflare Scrypt Daily Payout Graph

Moving on to Scrypt, the result is better with mining commenced on 29 Jul 2016. Nonetheless, after 8 months the payout fall to become 0.00105056 BTC with maintenance fee 0.00045376 BTC. My net received become 0.0005968 BTC or reduce to 34.1%

Hashflare Scrypt



All contract will be as Bitcoin Difficulty Graph also increase, reduce. The fact is the source I found in Coindesk, started on 29 Jul 2016 til 22 Mar 2017, the difficulty increase to 44.88 % and its equal with decreasing of SHA256 net received

Finally, if I already benefit from the worth of BTC? the answer continues to be far from the Break Even Point. As you are able to see in the comparison of overall mining received and purchased. However, the result might be different if compare to USD.

Hashflare Mining Purchased VS Net Amount Received



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