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Minex Cloud Mining Review

Minex Cloud Mining Review

By on Apr 1, 2017 in Cloud Mining Review | 0 comments Review

New matters in terms of Minex cloud mining, is the type of cloud mining contracts aggregator, Contracts from different firms and with distinct terms are gathered into one bundle and balanced according to algorithms and distinctive strategy plus they called “Virtual Venture Fund”

Every miner or investor in Minex must buy cloud packs that have a set amount of hash-rates from the companies listed above into a single package. Because all they have to do now is wait for the profits to collect daily, this makes it hassle free for investors. Or investors hold the option to purchase Minex Coins that act as a share in the company, at which they may be sold with some gain at a subsequent date for a return on their investment.


You’re required to purchase a minimum of 1 cloud pack for USD as already described. 10,00 and after purchasing cloud pack it will automatically start mining and as described on the website. Mining results will soon be visible after 3 days from the exact date you purchase cloud pack. As far as I will look like in the picture below and know that there’s no limit to the purchase cloud pack.

Minex Cloudpacks Order

You’ll be allowed to join the dialogue through Telegram once cloudpack was bought by you. I’m personally not in touch directly to the community, what I am interesting is the consequence per day. And when I began to understand bought 3 cloudpacks.

Cloudpack Daily Result

Beginning with 3 cloudpacks, I wish to see the daily result and how long to get Break Even Point (BEP). Purchased on 14 January 2017 with result demonstrating 2 days after purchased.

Minex Profitability

Result in every day after 3 days purchased only BTC 0.000025 / day

Minex Daily Result



As I’m realized I bought in a little amount, while to be honest not make me impressed. But this really interesting to see and decided you would like to set as an investment or not. I consider seeing others as I’m waiting too long for getting my BTC 0.0363.

Should you’ve comments or some result, please do not hesitate to comment below.

Thank you


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