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Nicehash Review

Nicehash Review

By on Jan 17, 2017 in Cloud Mining Review | 4 comments

Nicehash Review


As a cloud mining, Nicehash allowed you to buy and sell hashing power. You can always use both schemes with competitive prices and simple setup the stratum and port. For people who lay on the pool set up, can read the instructions and attempt to analyze whether mining recorded in the pool and can run nicely or not. Please be careful – cautious in For people who lay on the pool set up, can read the instructions and attempt to analyze whether mining recorded in the pool and can run nicely or not in mining pool. Because if incorrect, you keep run mining and deposit your BTC will continue while the mining pool doesn’t run that resulted in losses to empty.

Nicehash Recommended Pools

You can setup the stratum and port in Nicehash recommended pools, but you are welcome to set up outside pools you preferred.

Recommended Pools in Nicehash


Support Algorithms

Support for more than 20 algorithms will be the best various you can experiment with it. Nicehash is the most complete in equipping of mining algorithms, you can explore and try to mine what you like but I personally only use dagger hashimoto and Equihash.

Nicehash Algorithm List



Depends on what you want to mine, but I’ll give you the example of two cases I’m tested and result.

Zcash Mining on Nicehash

Case No. 1

on 31st Dec 2016, starting with BTC 0.01470894 – I’m mined Zcash with speed 3 ksol/s using Nanopool and after 24 hours, successful in mine worth ZEC 0.30982463. With the price have become higher at the end of my mining rent, I sold all the ZEC coin I have and can get profit 13,68 %

Case No. 2

On 12 Jan 2017, I tried to mine with BTC 0.01691479 contract for 24 hours at a speed of 2 ksol/s. Unfortunately, until end of the contract, I only can mined ZEC 0.30982463 which is I have loss 25.63 %



As a result from both cases, our conclusion is depending on what the algorithm you use. Therefore, please consider is the price of the coins when you mine to determine mining result will be profitable.





  1. The site is stealing mining rewards. They confirmed the payment first but after long follow up they made it demo account. I have uploaded the screenshot of their changed response. Check out their reply


    March 31, 2017

    • Hi Asa,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m not sure for the demo account. However, according to your explanation, I assumed you used self-miner by downloading nicehashminer.exe. Have you tried use v. as a new version?
      , also please search your mining result by visiting this address: hope you can see the mining result and used the new version to continued your mining with showing Est. next payout balance.
      Hope this clarify your question, if you have any comment please don’t hesitate to share with me.Once again..thank you for visiting my blog.


      April 1, 2017

  2. There is long discussion on bitcoin forum where nicehash failed to respond properly… Imagine first, they told payment is done… second, they called it demo account.. Third, they told me I did place wallet address. I have provided all proofs and they come back with calling me newbie…lolx
    Find out more here


    April 2, 2017

    • Hi Asa,

      Thank you for the opinion, I noted you supplying their answer as well as a screenshot in the beginning as a demo account. Another belief you also place your link with supplying BTC address “34HKWdzLxWBduUfJE9JxaFhoXnfC6gmePG” if that is your BTC address to nicehash miner? if so, then you definitely need to likely start to see the payment report that will be on 2017 04 01 17:56 with BTC amount 0.04640414 and fees 0.00143518.

      I also check nheqminer and the default address is like your provided “34HKWdzLxWBduUfJE9JxaFhoXnfC6gmePG” see the link
      After creating .bat I see the address has changed to my BTC address as you can see

      Feel free to comment.



      April 2, 2017

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